Squid Honey APK (New Version) V1.0

 Squid Honey APK (New Version) V1.0

A Korean drama series which is so popular due to its very interesting story and all the gripping scenes. All character combinations, plot, pacing and actors are masterclass. It is more like a game based survival fiction and it also mimics a video game or an RPG game. Majority have  watched the series till the end  and if you are a gamer then There is good news for you. You can now play a game “Squid Honey APK” that basically mimics the overall plot of Squid game series. It offers the same gripping features which users of the Netflix have experienced. It provides a great gaming environment for all players who love to play survival fiction based games. 

Regarding Squid Honey APK:

It is basically a video game that is made that way where only android users can play it on their gadgets. Its gameplay is simple and there are many levels to experience.  Progression of players depends on collecting honey points which are given to them after the completion of every task. However, you have to do hard work to collect them. It is good for the players to collect as many as they can because there are different character skins which they can buy by exchanging them with the available skins.

In this game you compete with other participants which are ready and steady to win the race.  Everyone has the greed of money and rewards. The winning percentage depends on players gaming expertise and  smartness . In this way they can easily win different obstacle arrangements and levels of the game. 

Furthermore, It offers great entertainment for players. The sfx, gameplay, visuals engage players for hours and provide survival scenes. There are possibilities where you may not end well so for that play it with full interest to complete a level. Secure good position in the race, be the winner and win prizes to unlock character skins, gallery animations and other gameplay related stuff. Thus, Download the version of this game for free.

Squid Honey Gameplay:

The gameplay is very interesting and full of entertainment. The game is filled with various  gripping levels. Initially players have to choose a character and will be given a task. The task is to reach the gripper on time, which is a very attractive woman. Her eyes glitter with red light light which looks too attractive. However, don’t get fooled with her beauty. Behind this light there is death trap that will cost you.

You have to outsmart her. But how to outsmart the obstacles? For that Players should have the skills of concentration and time management. Start walking towards the gripper but be sure about not moving around when the griper looks at you. She will punish you after scanning your movement with the red rays coming from her eyes. With every successful attempt or without being caught players can collect honey points. After completing a level you can unlock others by exchanging the honey points you have collected.

There are instances when you are caught while completing a task. If this happens you have to start from the beginning. Overall, you need to survive till the end by outsmarting other competitors and the obstacle arrangements on your path. At the end players can meet the woman who desires to entice them. But don’t fall in the trap of her during the time trial. Download file of the game that is absolutely free to own.

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Features Of Squid Honey APK v1.0:

Straight Forward Controls:

Overall the controls are adjustable and simple to carry the progression of the game.  Control the character by using the forward arrow, move left and right by using the arrows. Players can customize them in the settings menu.

Enjoy Concept of Squid Game series In the Game:

The gameplay mimics the plot of the series. Each level and obstacle arrangements remind players about the main events of the series. Concentrate and make plans to complete the sequence of levels with your playing style and expertise.

Changing Characters:

There are multiple avatars that players can select at the beginning of the game. Multiple skins are available at the store that can be bought by exchanging honey points. The Gallery of the game also contains skins of the gripper.  Unlock it with points you have collected. 

Intense Competition For a win:

Participants experience tough competition for a win. They go through obstacle management during the time trail which is the main mode of the game. Look for mines located underneath your pathway and be sure to not step on. If you do, your character will go kaboom.

Race For Survival:

The mode offers a time trial in which players are thrown into a survival race. Run to save your avatars live, beat competitors,  go through varying obstacle arrangements and finish the race on time to be the winner.

Offers Great Visuals:

The game visuals look cool, however the overall game does not look realistic but it offers an interesting concept of survival. The graphics depend on your android operating system, CPU capabilities and Chip set you are having in your digital gadget.

Animations With SFX:

The gameplay sounds and animations create an immersive environment that players enjoy a lot while playing it. This creates a suspense type of experience for players.


  • Responsive virtual buttons.
  • Supports low android versions as well.
  • The size is just 88 MBs.
  • Free to own.


Squid Honey APK is a very interesting and entertaining video game that can easily fit in the android operating system. The game offers the similar concept and plot of the squid game series. All the events are there which players can experience within the game. There are many adversaries that players have to face but the end reward reveals the satisfaction of players’ hard work. If you haven’t tried it yet then go and own the game free from us.


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