Zero Sievert Mobile APK V0.29.4 (Latest Version)

 Zero Sievert Mobile APK V0.29.4 (Latest Version)

Players will find Their self replete in dangerous situations and many threats that they have never seen before. It needs courage to explore unknown territories. They will experience morbid curiosity, vulnerabilities, exposure to apocalyptic environments and undiscovered  landscapes. There are multiple adversaries and tasks waiting for all contestants. Competitors should equip Their self to fight back. The experience of nuclear fallout scenarios, ravaging of lands, horrible incidents, high sievert ratio exposure and few survivors will drive all performers to insanity. These are some highlights of the plot that a video game consists of. Do you want to have a whole new experience and immerse yourself virtually in these kinds of situations while playing a game? If yes then download and play Zero Sievert Mobile APK. Which is a very good pixel art survival action game.

Regarding Zero Sievert Mobile APK:

It is a kind of pixel art and solo survival action game. In which the playable character is doing his best to survive the unexplored landscapes alone. Players should have the aim of escaping The places of different war tone cities. Where the sievert quantity is much higher for a player to survive. Every level  has a radiation gradient which increases continuously. Before this happens you should complete the task and get to the safe zone. Players can control the character to escape from harsh situations. There are supplies and loot everywhere that can be used for survival.

The game provides tasks which are located at different landmarks. You are the one who needs to explore the unseen. But be aware of what’s coming next. There are events, adversaries that are waiting for you. Such events will drive you to insanity. Be sure to overcome your fear and carry on with the game progression. The video game initially looks easy but it is much harder to play when players complete multiple levels. Equip yourself with all the combat necessities because this game will test your survival, action and combat expertise. 

Overall the game mechanics are easy to understand. To fight or survive players can choose weapons and  arsenals from the inventory. However, you can craft them as well. There are other materials that are usable to get back to a safer zone. These are the ways to hope better and  to survive till the end. Overall the game is well crafted and players find it more intriguing while playing. 

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#Gameplay Of The Game:

Players can experience the tense takedown extraction shooter gameplay. The playable character basically is a hunter whose resting place is zero sievert bunker. Here players can except varieties of quests, can sell, buy and craft gear.  Your character “The hunter” must be well rested, kept fit and hydrated before stepping into the modes of the game.  For that collect food, supplies, ammunition to keep your character’s energy progressing. The game offers an inventory which consist of multiple weapons for  combat. A playable character can equip two weapons, a backpack , an armor and a head gear for other night variations mode.  Equip your character, select the required map and ready to step into the wasteland where you can complete the objectives accordingly. Upon successfully completing the quest and the required loot players must look for extraction point located in the map.

Features That Zero Sievert Mobile APK Offers:

  • Offer Survive and investigate the incidents based gameplay.
  • Interesting tasks are available that will test player survival expertise.
  • Offers Electronic box and inventory for aggregating weapons and supplies. Players can adjust their firearms when needed. Look for upgraded attachments that can be used to fight a powerful enemy or adversary.
  • Plenty of maps are available with day and night variations.
  • Players might get involved in fights with creatures, robots, gigantic aliens and others.
  • Full action packed game.
  • Pixel art game visuals.
  • If you get hit The doctor is available. Repair yourself by using the first aid materials.  
  • Vast landscape and loot able spots are present.
  • Experience excellent combat in different locations.
  • Complete objectives and get xps and rewards.
  • Refill the needed HP by using some med kits.
  • It offers multiple maps to play such as forest, makeshift camp, industrial area, swamp and Mall.

Install And Downloading Process of Zero Sievert APK:

There are some simple steps that you can follow to own the app. I have list down some basic steps that are needed to install and download the application.

  #   The file of zero sievert  is located within the article.

  #   After taping the link you can wait for the 8secoonds timer.

  #   A downloadable file will popup, tap it to download

  #   Afterwards Install the game file and play it.


The Zero Sievert Mobile APK is very well crafted for pixel art game lovers. Majority are actively playing the game for hours. This is due to the interesting storyline and concept of the game. There are multiple side quests and objectives to complete which give xps and rewards in return. Thus, if you love apocalyptic, pixel art combat based survival game then this could be the best choice for all the video game lovers out there.


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